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Garmin nuvi 350 Portable GPS Navigator - Buyer’s Guide and Review

by Tasha Miller

If you find yourself in the market looking for a GPS navigation system, you will quickly find there are countless available options that can make it difficult when making a decision on what to buy. There is one GPS unit available on the market that has what it takesThe Garmin nuvi 350 Portable GPS Navigator. This unit is easy to use right out of the box, putting the hassles of stopping for directions only to forget what was said just down the road and getting lost a thing of the past. The helpful voice prompt’s give you accurate, easy to understand step by step directions without even having to wrestle with that old folded map

Easily carried in the palm of your hand, the Garmin nuvi 350 Portable GPS Navigator is a deceptively small unit that weight’s less then 6 ounces, allowing you to use it both while driving your vehicle and then take it when you when you leave your car to make sure you get to where you want to go without any unforeseen side trips.

While most people believe a GPS unit is limited to only telling you where you want to go, the Garmin nuvi 350 Portable GPS Navigator can also tell you where you don’t want to go and how to get around it. A combination of highly sensitive and accurate GPS receiver by SiRF along with Garmin’s GMT 10 FM TMC traffic receiver allow you to avoid traffic problems and give you a new route around the problem. Highly detailed maps of the US, Canada and even Puerto Rico are available though the satellite interface.

The touch screen portion of the Garmin nuvi 350 Portable GPS Navigator is 320 X 240 pixels that display’s 64,000 colors brightly for easier to read map data in either a 2D or 3D mapping formats.

An additional SD memory card slot in the unit provides you with a way to access updated data concerning things such as points of interest, media files such as media files, digital pictures and even electronic guides. The flip up antenna gives you access to an additional plug-in used to attach the unit to an external antenna for improved reception. A powerful high quality speaker built into the unit makes sure you can hear either your directions or music without any problems and a lithium ion battery gives the unit up to an 8 hour life before being recharged. No matter if you’re in the car or in the house, the GPS unit comes with charging units built for both situations, so you should never run out of power. All this plus a suction cup windshield mount is included with the Garmin nuvi 350 Portable GPS Navigator.

Touch screen controls, makes it easier for you to input your information, look for information such as logging or a restaurant. You can also play your favorite mp3’s, listen to an audio book or have your favorite pictures on the screen. Also with the built in travel kit you can have information about your trip such as trip distance, trip timer, real time world clock with time zones, currency converter, measurement converter, and a calculator.

Garmin is the market leader in the industry of GPS navigation and has the upper hand in GPS technology. The Garmin nuvi 350 3.5 - Inch Portable GPS Navigator is the #1 top selling GPS navigation system sold and comes with a very affordable price tag. Whether you travel allot or not this GPS navigator will do the job for you.

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