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B1G1 - Global Giving Partnering Businesses With Charities

Buy1GIVE1 is the home of transaction-based giving.

Finance Power: How To Easily Control The Mind of an Investor

Discovering the \’thumbscrews\’ of investors is crucial to getting them to take action. In over a decade of dealing with global investors there are several elements that I\’ve discovered to be universal truths about the mind of the private investor (angel investor, accredited investor).

Learning More About Spyware Removal So That You Can Keep Your Family Safe

Protecting your family from the baddies of the world is something that everyone wants to do. Everybody, all around the world, look for ways to do so, and they do come up with a load of different methods to physically protect their families, but there is one thing that they do not think of, and that is spyware removal for their computers.

Learn Evelyn Wood Reading Techniques In 11 Minutes

It\’s so easy to learn to be a basic level speed reader in 11 minutes. The 11 minute Speed Reading course is a part of www.speedread.org a firm that has spent more than 32 years researching and sponsoring teaching of speed reading courses to 8,000 students around the U.S. These courses were taught at colleges and universities, live research gathering classes. These classes were taught by Dr. Polmar himself.

Take Your Company Public: Take Your Small Business Public

Are you trying to raise capital for your business? Have you been turned down by institutional lenders for loans and corporate lines of credit? Why deal with the hassle and embarrassment of perpetual declines and risk losing your business because of lack of cash? Wouldn\’t it be great to raise capital quickly and easily for your company without constantly having to fill out scores of credit applications to stay afloat?

Why Get A Translucent Computer Casing?

What is a clear computer housing and what might it do for you? Well, before we commence talking about the see-through computer casing, allow me to inquire you something: what does your computer?s case signify to you? I could even ask: what does your computer mean to you? I inquire this for the reason that your reply will determine what you want for your computer and its housing or case.

Government Ban On Biker Colors In Bars !

There is a new law in Virginia that will ban Motorcycle Club Colors in Bars. The law, originally aimed at Street Gangs, is causing quite a stir with Virginia Bikers. The law states that Bar & Restaurant owners will lose their liquor license if they allow patrons who wear \”gang\” related attire such as Club Logo\’s or Colored Bandannas.

Want To Take Your Company Public: The Machiavellian Method of Fund Raising…Get Ready!

The psychological profile of business proprietors and entrepreneurs in general boasts the critical \’Risk Taker\’ element which allows one to take the leap from the financial security of a 9 - 5 job to the dicey waters of action based, success based income generation meaning: No Sales = No Money and No Food.

Information Outsourcing And Tax Services

Numerous small and large businesses are thriving daily universally. Few of these businesses truly profit with many of them closing shop within the first three years of operation. Primarily, these businesses spend too much time and resources on their daily operations with focusing on their core business. Performing these tasks brings down their profitability as the back-office tasks consume more and more resources. An easy way out of this situation is to outsource particular departments to people who contain the expertise in that particular field.

Top Tips For Taking Food Photos

Here are some simple yet effective tips for doing food photography.